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I purchased one of your HB-17 Highbankers in August 2006 but didn't really use it on the Klamath River in California until the summer of 2007. It was used sporadically for four months during three weekend group projects and a one week long group project with the New 49er's on the Klamath River. My wife and I also used it for no less than thirty additional days during the summer. I'm making a conservative estimate that we put no less than 1,750 five gallon buckets of dirt (in reality they were half buckets or maybe a little more) through the HB-17 netting us about five ounces of gold.

Two minor issues surfaced that I have been taken care of. The first minor problem was gravel that came through the primary grizzly would land on the secondary grizzly and instead of being directed to the narrow side sluice would often fall off onto the main sluice. I had two small pieces of metal welded onto the bars to direct larger gravel to the side sluice. The bottom photos show the modifications. We also noticed that the welds at the back of the sluice box (header box end) started to break. See photos at bottom. I had them rewelded and reinforced with some additional aluminum.

As you can see from the photos, the HB-17 gets the gold. The third photo show some nuggets that we got one day and the fourth photo shows the flower and flake gold scattered all over the black V mat. It's easy to set up and use and cleanup at the end of the day is fast and easy. We were so impressed with the HB-17 that we purchased the HB-10 Mini through Armadillo Mining Supply in Oregon and used it for sampling. I know of two other couples that were working next to us that were so impressed with the HB-17 and the Mini that they purchased their own or were in the process of placing an order.

The wife and I will be back on the Klamath River working on the New 49er's claims from mid April through October next year. If we get any other good photos we'll send them to you.

Thanks Again,

Rich and Connie Jo K.

Note from Don:
I thanked Rich for pointing this problem out. I now add an extra weld on the
inside of the corner as well to solve that problem going forward.

Note from Don:
While a nice idea, I decided at this time, not to use the modification above.


I purchased the HB17 this summer and finally got to use it it September in Northern California.
I have to say, I was impressed with the workmanship, right out of the box! Great care was demonstrated even in the packing. It was easy to assemble with your detailed instructions. And, it worked like a dream. This is quality all the way.

Keep up the good work.

Also, while I was in California, I met a couple from Portland who had just purchased the trommel attachment for their HB17. I was even more impressed!!

You have this highbanking thing dialed in.

It seems more and more rare where you buy something and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. And isn't broken!
Your product works great.

Jeff Johnson


The good news is, while I was at the Point Bar diggings along the Arkansas River, the Honcoop-Highbanker was a big hit with other miners looking to upgrade their equipment and I too am satisfied. The gold there is very fine flood gold with a lot of black sand. The H-H was able to handle the load. The setup and cleanup was easy for all the material I ran through it. This digging site is listed in GPAA book, it is actually BLM land with adjacent claims and very popular with humans and snakes.

I was wondering if you can make all riffle bar for the large tray?

I might buy a claim in the Central City area. This 160 acre claim is at 10,000 ft. with coarse to nugget gold with good access and close to home. I have first option to buy and I'm looking for associates to joint venture. I will soon have pictures ready of this claim with the H-H in action. Enjoy the pics attached.

Best Regards,

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