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Mini - Highbanker

Following the same theory of material classification as the larger Highbanker, this Mini classifies left (7" width for fine material) to right into the side drop tray (3" width for 3/16-1/2" material). The Mini-Highbanker achieves excellent fine gold recovery as a lightweight portable unit. You may run material out of buckets (better recovery) or shovel into it. An all aluminum riffle tray makes it very useful as a cleanup unit (use of a magnet to remove heavies). The unit uses a 1" hose inlet, two ball valves for complete control of water flow, a bubble level for slope set up, and a pressure gage. There is also a garden hose for pre-washing of material out of the bucket and final clean up. The 1" pump (click here) operates the unit very well.

Overall Dimensions: 10" Wide by 30" Long
Standing on its legs, the top of the header box is 41" High
Weight: 25 Lbs.

Water flow: 18 gallons per minute
10 - 11 PSI needed for operation

 Order Part #  MHB10$995 

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1" Dredge

The 1" Dredge kit for the Mini-Highbanker won't move especially large amounts of material, but it's great at crack and crevice work. The Honda 1.5 hp pump (click here) powers this unit very well. The dredge hose is 7' long and the dredge kit weighs 5 lbs.

 Order Part #  1DK$95 

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Mini-Highbanker Package

Mini-Highbanker $ 995
Dredge Kit $ 95
1" Honda Pump w/ suction hose $ 395
25' Lay-Flat Hose $ 30
 Order Part #  MHBP10$1,515 

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